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Husband and I moved into a “small” apartment over a year ago and we needed a little bit of help in the storage department. Having less space really makes you think about the space you do have and how to utilize it well.

Our bedroom has 2 really nice sized closets but we have to use those for more than just clothes and shoes since we have no basement or attic to store out of season clothing and accessories, guest pillows and blankets, camping supplies, sentimental items, or holiday decorations.

I am not complaining at all-I actually kind of love the challenge.

So all of that to say I bought this armoire from Ikea (one of the least expensive ones they sell, yes-I am cheap!)


This picture shows the doors as opaque but they were not, they were very transparent. I did NOT want to see inside my armoire–that is why I got an armoire. So…. I had some Dollar Tree Contact Paper on hand (similar to below)

contact paper


I started by adding plain white contact paper to the inside of the doors to help make them a little less see-through. Then I started with the pretty contact paper.

First: I measured the transparent portion of the door.



Second: I turned over my contact paper to mark and cut. Contact paper is great-it has measurements and guidelines on the back making cutting it even very simple.



Thirdly: I peeled the backing slowly and started sticking. Make sure to remove bubbles as they arise.



Four: finish door #1 and repeat for door #2



And you are done!

What do you think? I think this inexpensive armoire looks classy and and it is truly one of a kind!


What fun projects have you done with contact paper?


*see other contact paper related posts here


6 thoughts on “Ikea-Hack: Armoire Version

  1. Jenn L says:

    I love it! With an older house and smaller closets, I will be needing to do this when the girls get older!

    1. Amy says:

      Totally, it added so much storage for me.

  2. Rachael says:

    it turned out great!!!

  3. TheELMLife says:

    What a great idea! I have this exact same piece at home and you have just inspired me!

    1. Amy says:

      Awesome! I am so glad. I love the armoire for it’s function and now I love it for it’s style too :)

    2. Amy says:

      Thank you! I LOVE it. BTW: I get so many compliments on your design for my logo.

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