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I love mixing different styles and types of decor through out my home. In my living room I have an Ikea couch, vintage typewriter table, metal lockers, and a 1960’s vintage record player console that I painted rustic teal.

So, how can you marry seemingly different types of decor in your home?

I think the answer is simple–use what you LOVE. I repeat that saying to myself often “Love”. Do I love it? If so, use it. If not, why do I have it in my home? Simple as that.

Yes, sometimes I end up having less or going without but that is very liberating. Sometimes I keep things I don’t love while I am searching or saving for the replacement piece I will love. I have no hard rules on this, but I firmly believe if you love it-it will work in YOUR home. Remember: your home in a reflection of you and your family, not anyone else-so don’t stress. If you love it, great!

I wanted to have an example to share with you guys so I made an Olioboard using some stools from our friends over at Chairish-have you checked them out yet? Chairish is a great consignment website, it is specifically curated to be awesome. They have a real passion for decor and I think that is what makes Chairish so cool.

So check out these bar stools.

yellow bar stools

First off, I know there are a ton of different bar stool styles available but I am far to practical to have anything in my home that it not comfortable or that I will not use.

I love the simplicity of these bar stools, the color, and (pretty importantly) the back on the stools-comfort folks, comfort.

My (tiny and awkwardly laid out) kitchen is eat in (barely) and I really miss having a dining room. In my old house we had an eat in kitchen and a dining room so I got to enjoy the benefit of both. Husband and I had an island with stools in the kitchen and then our traditional table and chairs in the dining room. This worked out well because no matter what people gather in the kitchen, so it is nice for them to have somewhere to lean and somewhere to sit. Enter bar stools…

Here is one take on a modern kitchen with these vintage stools:



I kept the colors simple. White and dark wood cabinets, a large island, a vintage teak light fixture (from Chairish as well), and a colorful rug to bring out the yellow in the bar stools.

What do you guys think?

Here are some other vintage/modern kitchens where the 2 styles are married:




*I was not compensated by Chairish for this post*


2 thoughts on “Vintage Bar Stools in a Modern Home (Chairish Edition)

  1. Erika says:

    The bar stools are great! Love the color.

  2. Cleona says:

    Beautiful rug and matching chairs.

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