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I LOVE dogs. Seriously, I turn into a 5 year old when dogs are around. I start talking in baby talk and immediately ask the owners if I can pet their dog (yes, I ALWAYS ask first).

2013-02-02 12.38.51-1

I am NOT competitive. Husband says I turn into a kindergarten teacher when playing games. I am encouraging to my “enemies” and often help them out if needed-even if they don’t ask for my help :) I am just glad people are trying that I want to give points for the effort and I often request mulligans (but usually don’t get them).


spaced out photo of myself since I don’t have an action shot of my being too encouraging during games :)

I LOVE my chaise lounger from Ikea. Seriously, LOVE it. I sit almost nowhere else in my house.


See it there on the left with the comfy pillows and red blanket? That’s my corner, Husband claims the crevasse in the cushions.

I LOVE Woodchuck Raspberry Cider-seriously try it-you will NOT be disappointed!

Woodchuck Hard Cider, Raspberry Image

I am NOT a morning person. I have been getting up at the same time (during the week) for 10 years, but I swear it never gets easier to get out of bed and I am NEVER in a good mood until after 9am. Sorry folks, avoid me in the morning!

DSCN4683My face when I have to get out of bed!

I make events in my calendar for every aspect of my life. Do you use Google calendar and keep (note taking app)? I would die without these things, I have a terrible memory.

example of  a Google calendar

That’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed a little insight into who I am.

Who are you and what are some interesting facts about yourself? Share!



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