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Husband and I have been wanting to try our hand at homemade cheese for a while. We were having trouble actually committing and getting going, so I purchased a kit via Etsy from Urban CheeseCraft.

This kit made our first time so easy!

Husband and I decided to start with the mozzarella (this kit also makes ricotta).

2014-03-25 17.17.49

I will spare you guys the play by play via text and allow the photos to show the majority what we did. Here we go:

2014-03-25 17.24.44direction reading

2014-03-25 17.27.56rennet breaking

2014-03-25 17.33.49whole milk in a large pot

2014-03-25 17.40.20temperature reading

2014-03-25 17.40.33

2014-03-25 17.51.35progress

2014-03-25 17.51.39

2014-03-25 17.54.04almost done

2014-03-25 18.04.28draining and curds

2014-03-25 18.04.45

2014-03-25 18.05.27

2014-03-25 18.05.34getting every last bit of curds

2014-03-25 18.09.39heat again in the microwave

2014-03-25 18.11.16

2014-03-25 18.16.04add cheese salt

2014-03-25 18.18.12knead and stretch

2014-03-25 18.20.37

letting it cool

2014-03-25 18.23.25isn’t it pretty?

2014-03-25 18.24.30SO yummy!

This was gone in 2 days (mostly thanks to Husband).

I highly recommend a cheese kit, it takes the scariness and unknown out of the equation and now Husband and I are so much more confident to make some more cheese on our own now.

*My Brother and I made the ricotta this week and it is just as easy and delicious! I recommend that as well.



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