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I am sure you have noticed a lack of $7.00 Saturday Posts. There is a reason so I figured I better bring everyone up to speed.


I started the $7.00 Saturday series to show how far a dollar can go at your local thrift store and highlight some of the awesome finds I have acquired. Unfortunately this series became a burden. I know $7.00 is not much BUT spending money each week on items I do not NEED was proving too much. More than the price, which I could stomach, the amount of STUFF was just too much.

As you all know Husband and I downsized and our current place is small…good small. This means I need to be VERY careful with what I let into my home. I do NOT have space to spare and I like it that way.

So alas, $7.00 Saturdays is gone (at least for now). I plan on participating in The Thursday Thrift over at Rejoice for the Day. I am hopeful that by participating in this series I will still be able to showcase some of the awesome items I acquire thrifting without having to shop weekly.

Let's See Those Thrifty Finds

Check out her blog and the Thursday Thrift series. I am excited!

Check out all the posts in my $7.00 Saturday Series here.



3 thoughts on “The End of $7.00 Saturdays

  1. Grandma says:


  2. Erika says:

    $7.00 Saturdays seems like it was a great idea, but I understand the whole making yourself buy stuff just because problem. I am happy you have found the Thursday Thrift, and I will be looking forward to what you have to show. Can’t wait!

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