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Yummy. I honestly do not know what made me want to make crostini but something did :)

I looked up the recipe and Martha Stewart’s came up:

Simple Crostini(source)

Here is my version:


These are essentially like giant croutons! What is not to like?



french bread baguette

olive oil




1.pre-heat oven to 350 degrees

2. Cut the french bread into slices, not too thick (crostini is hard and the ticker they are the more difficult they will be to bite through)


3. put bread on your baking sheet


4. with a spoon, spatula, or pastry brush put olive oil on both sides of the bread


5. add salt and pepper


6. bake for 12 minutes


7. Enjoy and share (only if the person deserves it!)

Easy & Delicious Crostini Recipe

Make your own and let me know how it goes!



One thought on “Super Simple & Delicious Crostini Recipe

  1. Grandma says:

    I know we would like them because we like toast slices of bakery bread, it adds crunch. But I just made a quick trip to the dentist so he could see the tooth where the filling came out. He is going to fill it tomorrow. Yea The other one lasted 3 years.

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