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I told you guys in this post that I wanted to start decorating for more holidays and seasons in my home. It is a fun way to stay creative and give your home a little lift throughout the year.

The next holiday/season I am decorating for after Winter is…Groundhog Day!

What kind of decorations does Groundhog Day warrant? Let me show you:

DSCN4877Mr. & Mrs. Groundhog

DSCN4876Punxsutawney Phil look-alike

and Lacey’s snuggle friend (she is so happy, see the wag of her tail?)

2013-02-02 12.38.51-1

DSCN4881 Punxsy Phil signing his original art (which we also own-but it says up all year) with a member of The Inner Circle

DSCN4882Our Punxsy Jersey, bought right in Punxsutawney

DSCN4888DIY February 2nd banner.

DSCN4890The “We LOVE Phil” banner


DSCN4883My DIY banner of all things Punxsy.

I have my Phil postcards, Phil newspaper art, and my USPS cloth stamp. Fun right?

All told it isn’t much, but it gets us in the spirit for the holiday. How about you?



One thought on “Groundhog Day House Tour

  1. Rachael D says:

    love it!

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