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You guys ready for the second DIY banner in the “easiest DIY EVER! (unofficial) series”?

Yesterday I shared this SUPER simple DIY banner:


Today, I have another EASY-PEASY Banner for you to make (this one actually made me giggle like a little girl when I was done!)

I started off with the same 10 pack of card board hearts form Michael’s:


DSCN4799(These were $1.99 each)

I then broke out some BEAUTIFUL red ribbon I had on hand (I collect pretty ribbon when it’s on sale and I decide what to use it on later-it’s a weakness)



So…how am I going to attach these hearts to the ribbon? I thought of staples or more hole-punching, but then remembered that I had these mini-clothespins on hand-perfect!

DSCN4827(see how tiny compared to regular sized? so cute!)

 I simply hung the ribbon in the hallway with clear push pins and then attached the hearts in a fun pattern. I will be honest, it was a little plain.



So…I decided to write something on the hearts. I grabbed my giant Sharpie marker and wrote “all you need is” on 1 heart and L O V E on 4 more.

This is how it turned out:








What do you think? Do you have a favorite LOVE quote?



One thought on “Easiest DIY Valentine’s Day Banner EVER! (Number 2)

  1. Grandma says:

    It’s amazing how you get these inspirations that turn out so simply sweet.

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