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PicMonkey Collage

I don’t know about you but I love nature, I love being outdoors (even though I do not do it enough) and I like bringing those elements into my home-I am trying to be more intentional about this in the coming year.

I always drool over the tree stumps and wood blocks at craft stores-but what to do with them? Well, I finally have it!

I decided to try and carve our initials into one of the stumps. I NEVER did this is real life because I didn’t want to damage the trees-now is my chance :)

Here is a quick tutorial:



wood stump $6.50 (with coupon) at Michael’s

knife-on hand

brown thin marker-on hand



carve whatever you like into your stump

go over your carvings with the thin marker to make it stand out (since you aren’t carving on bark-it makes seeing the carvings a little more difficult)






What do you think? I LOVE how subtle and rustic it is-it feels very romantic to me.

PicMonkey Collage



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