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I had SO MUCH FUN decorating for Christmas this past season that I decided maybe it’s time I start decorating for other seasons and holidays.


I have always held back because there are things I do not like about other holidays or seasons like…

1. Valentine’s day; although pink and red are among my top 5 favorite colors, the idea of flooding my house with pink and red in unison does not appeal to me.


2. Easter; I HATE pastel colors-enough said.


Beautiful and very well done, but alas, not my style (source)

3. Memorial Day, Independence Day , and Labor Day; although I love America I am not one of these overly-patriotic people, I am more subtle. So red, white, and blue in the traditional sense are not my cup of tea. (My mom does these colors very well in her home, so I leave that to her:))


So, you get the point. But I (FINALLY) realized this year that I do NOT have to keep those traditions in seasonal and holiday decorating-I can do WHATEVER I want. I know–took me long enough right?

I got really excited at the idea of finally having some changes in my home seasonally. I do make constant changes to my home decor through out the year-but for the most part it’s small changes and I like BIG changes when I can make them happen. My home makes me happy and I am always trying to find ways to capitalize on that.

I decided I was going to try and make a heart banner for Valentine’s Day. I planned on purchasing a giant heart punch at Michael’s but when I saw the $16.99 price tag-I decided not too. I had a 40% off coupon but I still could not justify the purchase-I am cheap guys!

While looking around I found these:



10 count giant white cardboard hearts for $1.99 a pack. I bought 2. $4.00 instead of $17-yes please!

I honestly did not give much thought to how I would use these when I bought them, I just knew they would work :)

Ready for the simplest tutorial ever?!



cardboard hearts ($1.99 for 10 from Michael’s)

hole punch (had on hand)

ribbon, twine, or thread (I used red and white bakers twine from the $1 section at Target)


punch a hole in each upper corner of the heart


thread the ribbon, twine, or thread through the holes


hang somewhere you will enjoy in your home






What do you think? Are you going to decorate for Valentine’s Day?



One thought on “Easiest DIY Valentine’s Day Banner EVER! (Number 1)

  1. Rachael D says:

    totally cute!

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