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So, it was Saturday night and since Husband and I are ultra-cool, we had NO plans.

We decided we had to get out of the house. I suggested we at least take a walk and Husband up’ed the ante by suggesting we walk down to The Banks; a new, hip, happenin’ part of downtown Cincinnati. (How much did I age myself in that sentence?)

We decided to walk across the Southgate Bridge  and stop into the Moerlein Lager House.

We had a great time. The walk was brisk and delightful. I always appreciate the good conversation Husband and I have when alone together. I also appreciate the silence. We can both be silent and we do not have to worry about what the other person is thinking. Thank you marriage!

The restaurant was jam-packed and VERY noisy but a good experience. They brew all their own beer and use only 4 ingredients-can’t get much better than that. I wasn’t feeling like beer (I know, come on Amy-you’re at a brewery) so I got a cocktail.

Here I am with my giant rocks glass with Kentucky in the background:

amy @ moerlein

Ignore my frizzy hair-I had a hat on for the walk :)

My top recommendation for a cheap date night-enjoy the company. It doesn’t matter what you do-just do SOMETHING together. Here are some fun, cheap (or free ideas)

1. Play a game

2. take a walk

3. make “fancy snacks” and have movie night at home

4. have a dance party in the living room

5. get into bed and watch your favorite comedy

Let’s have more ideas…How creative can you be?



One thought on “How to Have a Spontanious Cheap and Exciting Date Night

  1. Grandma says:

    We saw The Book Thief movie at the Esquire Sat at 1:40 in the afternoon . Drove up the hill on the new road off of Central Prkway. Turn right, then left on the new way up. To Dixmyth.
    .Really enjoyed the movie. Also had med size popcorn. We couldn’t eat it all.

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