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xmashomecollage*I know it’s a little late but oh well….

Don’t you love seeing into other people’s homes?

I LOVE it when people leave the lights on at night and I can see all their decor and furniture-not in a creepy way right?

Here is your glance into my home at the holidays-ENJOY!

DSCN4616My hallway(s)  includes my homemade banner (tutorial via ABeautifulMess), a vintage red yard stick with my Christmas cards clothes pinned on,  a $1.00 banner from Target on my bathroom door frame, adorable red mittens on my gallery wall, along with a beautiful red and white bell hanging from the secret passage way door (utility room door)-can you spot all that in this tiny space?


DSCN4644Some sparkly fun Christmas trees (from Dollar Tree last year) rest on my hallway bench (the bench was in my “stocking” last year from my daddy!)


My tiny bathroom even got some decorations. I put up a wreath in the window (from Dollar Tree last year), and DIY‘ed a small snowflake banner (made with some gift tagged and string I picked up last year on clearance at Target).


DSCN4623I also DIY’ed some yarn trees this year, and these made it to the top of my medicine cabinet in the bathroom. Don’t you love how at home the owl looks?


This my living room TV/Media wall. It includes the beautiful mitten garland (I scored last year at…Marshall’s I think?) The giant ornament is felt from Dollar Tree last year and the ribbon Christmas tree art I DIY’ed last year (just 2 different green ribbons from Dollar Tree, cut to the shape of a tree-easy peasy, and both frames I had on hand).




DSCN4628More DIY yarn trees with an adorable deer I scored at the antique mall and a moss covered pine cone.

DSCN4629I LOVE this holiday decoration. My wonderful friend Tiffany painted these for Jake and I a few years back (see how short my hair was) and they are my favorite things to get out every year! Doesn’t Lacey look so happy? (I miss her so much during this season).

Another living room wall. The shelves and banner are a mainstay but I switched out some art and added a few festive things.


The beautiful Christmas reindeer tray is from Hobby Lobby and was, of course, bought half off. I honestly do not know where the two snowflakes came from but I tied some ribbon through them and added them for some fun. I DIY’ed the NOEL blocks this year (bought blocks from Hobby Lobby, stained the blocks, added the outline of a letter sticker and painted inside with red craft paint-so quick and easy). The stars are cut off of my bathroom hallway Target banner-it was too long. Waste not, want not right?


DSCN4633My vintage thrifted lamp holds my awesome snow owl-scored last year at Meijer on clearance. The giant dove clothespin was a gift from my mother and it showcases the awesome clearance embossed holiday card from Target last year (I don’t actually use these holiday cards to send out-they are too beautiful to give away :) so I find ways to decorate with them in my home).

DSCN4634My lovely living room. Luckily red is in every room of my home (except the bathroom) so decorating for Christmas comes easy for me. This year I realized I don’t really like Christmas-Green as a color, so I decided NOT to include it in my decor. I know, revelation right?

I added the reindeer pillow  (from Target this year) to the couch and I am so glad it matches perfectly! I also added the wreaths to the windows (from Dollar Tree last year). Can you see my Precious Moments snow globe in the bottom right of the picture?

DSCN4635Here she is up close.

DSCN4658Another vintage deer nestled in front of a thrifted Christmas tree with some rick-rac as decoration.

DSCN4637My snowman pail (gift from my mom) holding all my favorite holiday movies (White Christmas, The Santa Clause, Elf, The Nativity Story, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, The Bishop’s Wife, and more).

DSCN4638Yet another living room picture. My vintage thrift store chair holds another Target pillow scored this year (for $3.00) and above the chair is the Christmas poem my dad wrote and some small decorations-from Target too :)



DSCN4613Of course my DIY Pallet Christmas Tree.

On to the kitchen.


Again, red is a big color in my kitchen so decorating for Christmas is easy. I just added a few items.

The Dollar Tree wreaths from last year, the thrifted jar with red yarn balls and moss covered pine cones mixed with snow on the counter top, the felt snowflakes in the red bowl from Ikea.

DSCN4649Another thrifted Christmas tree decorated with ribbon-I love the simplicity of these.

DSCN4648My mom gave me this awesome winter scene glass cutting board a few years ago. This year she gave me the cute Bath and Body Works soap and soap sleeve-did you know those exist?

dscn4646Wow-this picture is hard to look at. SO much going on-bear with me.

I added the $1.00 Target banner above the refrigerator along with the Christmas cookie cutters. Believe it or not everything else is always there.

dscn4651This is my vintage, great-grand mother’s, china cabinet that I am lucky enough to own now. I added the red reindeer tin inside the cabinet and the DIY’ed yarn trees, cookie jar (gift from my mom), and red tins (from Ikea) to the top for display.

DSCN4652Isn’t that cookie jar the cutest thing ever? I LOVE all the different mittens that embellish the rim.

DSCN4653My Christmas trays are also on display in the kitchen. The snowflake tin was a gift from my sister (from JoAnne’s) and the Christmas tree tray (from Meijer) is either from my mom or I bought it-cannot remember :) The XL white tray behind has beautiful details and reindeer on it-but I keep it out all year-shhhh, don’t tell anyone (it is from Target years ago).

DSCN4655My mom also gave me these awesome winter owl napkins (too cute to use) and I scored the adorable vintage cookie in thrifting last year. I originally thought of gifting it, but come on-too cute to give away. I added the cute Christmas fabric as a table runner-I sometimes just buy fabric I am drawn to and figure out what to do with it later-this is that kinda of fabric, works well as a table runner right?

DSCN4657That’s my Holiday House Tour! Thanks for checking it out.


What do you think? Do you go all out for holidays and seasons?


2 thoughts on “My Holiday House Tour

  1. Tiffany H. says:

    Everything looks so beautiful, festive, and personal! You are so talented!

  2. Rachael D says:

    It looks SO FESTIVE and cute!!! I love the “no green” rule for this year! It looks just GREAT! (wish I could come over and see it in person)

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