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I did not appreciate my hometown growing up-not that I was unhappy in any way but I did not realize what a great city Cincinnati is. It wasn’t until I went away for college and moved to the Hoosier State to be with Husband (his hometown is in Northern Indiana) that I really came to appreciate The Queen City and all it has to offer.

A few weekends ago Husband and I went down to Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati and saw the huge tree, the outdoor ice skating rink, and some cute German shops that were set up.


I love that we were able to walk to a bus stop from our house and be downtown in 10 minutes, and then have a nice, brisk, walk back across the river to our nice warm beds.


Here is a pic of the giant tree downtown. You can see the Macy’s jumbo screen in the background-they were showing a football game (not my thing-in the baseball season they show Reds games!).


Husband and I in front of the tree (sorry for the blurriness, a stranger took this photo).

I LOVE that Husband and I could go downtown last minute and there was food, fun, and pretty sights to see. Greater Cincinnati has so many great free things to do on any given day-how about your city? I bet it does too!

Do you take advantage of your city? What do you love about your city?



One thought on “I LOVE (Greater) Cincinnati

  1. Rachael says:

    I love your mustard yellow hat!!!

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