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Some thing to know about me: when I move I want my stuff up on the walls and making the new place feel like home as soon as humanly possible. Once I settle in then I start really making the space into what I want it to be and something that makes me smile.

My bathroom has gone through a few phases already but here is the current look.


I do plan on making a DIY pendant to cover the loose light bulb but I’m not there yet.


Behind the commode I have my giant clipboard with another print E gave me and a lovely banner with vintage handkerchiefs.


A square print drawer graces the other wall with some of Husband’s childhood army tanks to add some interest.


The shelf is from Ikea with a vintage (working) fan, a photo my brother P took, a vintage tray, awesome jar from my mom, and homemade air fresheners.


My shower curtain is a shabby chic flat sheet from Target, the window curtain is my old homemade shower curtain, the print was a gift from my friend E.

That is my pretty bathroom (and probably the closest I will EVER get to an all white room).

What do you think?



One thought on “House Tour: My Bathroom

  1. Grandma says:

    It’s lovely Amy. It’s an interesting look.

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