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First project=fail (not completely, but I wouldn’t say success)

I found these light gray Banana Republic capri’s at the thrift store:


Since they are practically see-through, I HAD to dye them.

A couple of things to remember when dying:

1. thread does NOT dye

2. dye will ruin other clothes, towels, etc

3. dye will stain your hands and sink-wear gloves and make sure your container to dye in is clean

I decided navy blue would be smart. Black is too dark for me but navy would go with anything and could be worn in any season.

I picked up some RIT dye from Hancock’s.


I added the dye, salt, and hot water to a bucket for the dying process and let the fabric sit for 4 hours-turning and moving the fabric every hour or so.


The capri’s turned out OK, not great. I think they are still wearable but not as good as I hoped for.


The glaring white spot on the right leg isn’t actually that bad in person but it isn’t awesome either.

Second project=success! Yay!

I bought a Large Gap sweater at the thrift store a few months ago with a plan to paint it. I finally got around to it.

Here is the sweater before:

yellow sweater before

*sidenote: I am in love with mustard yellow

I used some fabric paint, freezer paper, scissors, and the iron to create this:


Pretty simple design but it’s fun and unique. I like it :)

Like a bad blogger I did not take photos of the process but if you refer to this post it gives directions on using freezer paper templates to paint on fabric.

What do you guys think? Like my sweater?



4 thoughts on “DIY Clothing Fail & Success

  1. Grandma says:

    I would never have thought about thread not changing color with the dye. Also I wonder why your capris didn’t color darker. I remember dyeing in a very large kettle on the stove burner. I guess you can do it differently now. Do you remember my yellow dress I was wearing when you all stopped here that Sat? Is it mustard yellow? Your sweater turned out very nice.

    1. Amy says:

      Thanks, I like the sweater too.

  2. expressionme says:

    Proud of you for sticking with it! By the way cool sweater!

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