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Hello! You guys will remember the telephone table I inherited for free:


and some of the idea’s I was toying around with from this post.

I stumbles across this photo recently via Etsy and LOVE it.


I love the simple colors and shiny gray paint. I plan on doing something similar to mine. So I started the project the other night.

So this is the before again.


And a close up of the worn top, complete with water rings


First things first, I needed to remove the seat to be recovered


easy enough, only a few screws


then I lined the cushion with white felt, it is what I had on hand and would cover the old pattern on the seat as well as hopefully make it a little softer


then I pulled out my staple gun and scissors and got to work wrapping the cushion like a present


doesn’t that cushion look fabulous? (BTW: I got that fabric from Target a few years ago for $5.00 in the college section and it has served me very well)


Next, I sanded down the wood and tried to get as many of the imperfections out as possible


so that’s all for now, I need to pick up paint and get the thing painted for Part 2. See ya in a few days!



4 thoughts on “Vintage Telephone Table Makeover, Part 1

  1. Grandma says:

    We are all excited with your project and to see how it turns out. We are all sure it will look great according to your reputation.

  2. Emily Shinkle says:

    Oh man, what a tease! I was expecting to see the finished project in this post. Can’t wait.

  3. Rachael says:

    me too! I love that inspiration picture!

  4. Terri says:

    Cannot wait to see the finished product.

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