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DIY wall decals

DIY wall decals

I HATE plain white walls. I wish I could be one of those people with a beautiful all white room but it’s never gonna happen. White walls make me crazy. I cannot stand them in MY home.

I also have no motivation to paint right now. None. I think part of the reason is I now have to have paint colors approved by my landlord and I just do not feel like going through that extra step-I know, life is hard…

So, what is the solution?

DIY wall decals! OKA: contact paper cut into shapes.

Here is my white hallway:

white hallway

Even in this photo I think, Oh I kinda like the white-it’s pure and simple and lovely. But in real life it makes me angry!

white hallway 2

I wanted something super simple and something that could be done with what I already had on hand and would therefore be FREE. Enter DIY Contact Paper Wall Decals.

These are SO easy to make I recommend them for everyone.


1. contact paper in the pattern of your choice (I would have preferred to use plain black for this project but I had wood grain on hand-so wood grain it was)

wood grain contact paper(source)

This isn’t the exact contact paper I used but very similar. I got mine for $1.00 at Dollar Tree.

2. scissors

3. garbage can

4. wall cleaner and rag


1. wipe down the walls so they are as clean as possible

2. cut the shape you desire from the contact paper- I choose triangles in different sizes (you could use an Exacto Knife and make more complicated shapes but I was going for ease)

*have a garbage can close by for this whole project, the cutting and peeling leads to a ton of waste*

3. peel the backing off the contact paper (this can be difficult at time since the shapes are on the smaller size, I found that stretching a tiny bit will release part of the sticky backing from the paper)

4. place, stick, and pat down the contact paper shapes, remember these are removable so you can re-position as needed

5. done! admire your handy work.

after-wall decals

wall decal

wall decals

wall decals

I do not know that I will keep the “decals” up for long but they were a quick, easy, and free solution for the time being. I am inclined to paint a bright color in that hallway since it is such a small space but we shall see.

DIY wall decals

What do you guys think? What shape would you choose for your home?



3 thoughts on “DIY Removable Wall Decals (Perfect for Renters!)

  1. Grandma says:

    The part I wouldn’t like is washing down the walls, but it is a great idea, glad you thought of it. Put that brain to work. Our brains are the most amazing thing.

  2. Rachael says:

    I like it! very clever indeed! Reminds me of that triangle drop cloth that you posted yesterday :)

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