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I guess I have bloggers block (less glamorous writer’s block).

Life has been crazy lately and my blog and shop have taken a back seat. Life is calming down and my day job work schedule is back to (almost) normal.

My schedule actually has been better for a few weeks-so why haven’t I started back up writing my blog? Bloggers block is what I am blaming.

I have no project to share today but I thought the best way to dive back in was to just start. So here I am.

I’m just gonna share some life stuff :)

Husband and I moved in July and everything has a home in the new place but now is the fun part-rearranging, adding, etc. I LOVE redoing my home-so I am excited for the new space.

My new niece is coming soon (a few weeks) and I am so pumped to meet her!

My new nephew should be ready to come home soon (still waiting on news) and the anticipation of meeting him is killing me (and everyone else in the family).

Sister has done some great work on her home and bought some fantastic furniture-she is such a grown up now :) I cannot wait to hangout on the couch and chairs and eat on that awesome table! Invite me Sister!

It has been a little over 3 month since Lacey died. It does get easier but everyday my heart aches to see her. Husband recently had an overnight for the teens at the library and it was my first time alone all night without Husband or Lacey-it was pretty much awful. I really didn’t think it would be bad but it was. I cried and I missed her.

Myself, Husband, and family have been dealing with some heavy issues lately and I know I need this creative outlet for my own sanity. I am making the pledge now to not give up. I do not want to give in and feel defeated-this blog, my shop, and my readers give me motivation! Thanks for sticking around.

I have organized my new craft/shop room and I must say-I LOVE it (pics and tour coming soon). It’s a ton bigger than the last one and I actually have room to work-now, I just need inspiration.

Here are some projects that inspire me:


This adorable photo mini-album via PostalPix Blog

DIY Photo Backdrop

This DIY Canvas Photo Backdrop via Lovely Indeed

(I need an excuse to make this-party anyone?)


This super cute lace tank via Trinkets in Bloom

Got any great projects I need to give a try? Pass them along-I need all the inspiration I can get.

Now I have no excuses. I am back in. Diving head first!



2 thoughts on “Bloggers Block

  1. Rachael D. says:

    I LOVE that canvas back drop! That would make good curtains or a shower curtain!

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