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finfished bar cart

I recently picked up this rolling bar cart at a local antique shop.

red vintage bar cart

The cart was in good shape but I decided to change the color of the shelves from red to orange. Normally I do not gravitate to orange but I decided I needed to introduce a new color into my home and since orange is so similar t yellow and red I decided to go for it.

First off I took the cart apart.

bar cart break down

The cart was super simple to disassemble and it made spray painting the shelves SO much easier.

finfished bar cart

I know, you can barely tell the cart is a different color-to be honest-that’s fine by me!

Here is how I styled the cart:

styled bar cart

Husband has some giant steins that were his father’s and one of them I etched with his name. I added those to the bottom shelf along with Husband’s pint glasses on a small brown and orange tray.

Husband's shelf

The middle shelf houses my 3 gorgeous stemmed glasses and my owl glassware that I got as a Christmas gift from a friend-the glasses sit on a beautiful vintage gold tray my brother gifted me.

Amy's shelf

The top shelf features our (small) collection of liquors, measuring glasses, corks, straws, and cocktail napkins, and a awesome pitcher I can use as an ice bucket until I find one I like.

top shelf bar cart

corks and straws

cocktail napkins

I added some  pretty red and white towels to the side towel bars and DONE!

styled bar cart

finfished bar cart What do you guys think?



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