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yellow heels

yellow heels

When my sister got married 2 years ago (WHOA!) I purchased some beautiful white shoes to wear in the wedding.

I love the shoes and they are super comfortable but white isn’t really my color and I was fed up with these gorgeous shoes sitting in my closet not getting any wear.

white heels before

Isn’t the toe bow adorable?

What to do?

I decided to paint them!

I know! It sounds scary but honestly-what is the worst that would happen? I do not like the color or the shoes turn out horrible and I never wear them? Already there!

First I gathered my supplies:

supplies for shoes

Tulip Fabric Paint in Bright Yellow (it’s what I had on hand)

a foam paint brush

a cheap small paint brush

paper napkin (to protect my rug, since I painted on the floor of my living room watching Friends)

paint tray

Now, get to work painting!

This is the shoes after 1 coat of paint with the foam brush. You can see some unevenness and some spots too small and tight for the foam brush.

yellow shoe, coat 1

I let this first coat dry and put a second coat on with the small paint brush and finished with the foam brush again.

The final product:

yellow shoes, final product

I know the color looks a little uneven in this photo-but it is merely the glare.

I like that the second coat dulled the brightness of the yellow a little. These will make perfect spring and summer heels!

What do you guys think? AND what should I wear with these heels?

yellow heels



6 thoughts on “Painted Heels Easy DIY

  1. Maria says:

    What fabric were the shoes? Very cute

    1. Amy says:

      Thank you! The shoes were a nice vinyl material.

  2. Debra says:

    That is so cool! Love it.

  3. Rada says:

    Wow, that is pretty clever. Never heard of this paint, but now I will have to go get it.

    1. Amy says:

      It has so many uses, you’ll love it!

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