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My poor puppy Lacey has been going through a rough time lately and the other day when I came home I noticed she had thrown up on the couch.

This poor girl has been so good about not getting anything on the couch so this was VERY unusual for her. After assuring her that it was okay and she is a good girl :) I had to think about how to clean the couch.


How could you be upset with THAT face?

Of course, my first step was to Google fabric couch cleaners. I found this one from Texas Homesteader.

I like the recipe but it seems it would make far TOO much for that I needed. So I improvised. Here is my adapted recipe:

couch cleaner recipe

Pretty simple and all stuff I always have on hand-bonus!

Here is my couch cushion cover before:

couch stains

I gathered my ingredients:


Mixed the ingredients together. Be CAREFUL! Baking soda and vinegar will react once combined-there will be fizzing and bubbling.

Then I sprayed the effected areas and let the solution sit for about 15 minutes.

Next, I grabbed a rag and got to work on my stains. I just slightly rubbed them down-not aggressively.

Then I got as much moisture up as I could by blotting the areas and let the cushion cover dry overnight.

Here is what the cushion cover looks like now:

my couch

You can’t even tell where the stains should be! Yay-success!

My couch cover is textured so that also helps conceal any imperfections in color as well.

I DO recommend this DIY Fabric Couch Cleaner. My white cleaning rag was brown from dirt on both sides by the time I was done cleaning these 2 spots.

Anybody else know any good DIY couch cleaner recipes? Please share!



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