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jean jacket

Welcome back!

3-23-13Today is $7.00 Saturday and I have to say I am extra excited this week to share my finds!

glass jar with cork lid

This adorable small glass jar with a cork lid. I do not know where I’m going to put this or what i will use it for, but come on-giant cork lid? I had to have it!

cast iron pan

This wonderful cast iron pan! I have been wanting to add another cast iron pan to my kitchen but I couldn’t see spending the money on a brand new one when I didn’t NEED it. I was so excited when I saw this one at a GREAT price!

jean jacket

This great short jean jacket from Old Navy was my size and half off-I scored it super cheap and just in time for jacket weather (at least I hope spring is coming!)

The breakdown:

Glass Jar w/Cork Lid= $1.00

Cast Iron Pan= $3.99

Old Navy Jean Jacket= $1.99

Total= $6.98

I feel really good about these finds! I have already worn the jean jacket and it’s perfect. I also began seasoning my cast iron pan and I look forward to making some fried potatoes in it soon.

Have you scored any great spring items at the thrift store this month?


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