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Easy DIY stringed frame art display

I recently shared the beautiful framed etched mirror I scored for $7.50 at a local thrift shop. Here is a refresher:

vintage mirror

I was toying around with the idea to paint the frame but I remembered that my parents have a gorgeous etched mirror in their home and it is hung without any frame. I took my new mirror out of the frame to see how it would look and I LOVE it! I will be hanging this mirror up without a frame soon and don’t worry-I will be sharing the process :)

So, now I am left with a rough frame and no glass or backing-what to do? I hate to throw the frame away knowing it could be used for something.

Enter inspiration:


My frame is by no means this fancy and beautiful but I think I can make it work with my style and what I have on hand.

plain mirror frame

I started off by spray painting my frame white with some spray paint I already had on hand (for the record I do NOT recommend Ace Hardware brand spray paint-I tried it for the first time and I will NOT buy it again. I do not like the nozzle or the coverage it provides).

spray paint frame

white frame

I let the paint dry for about 2 hours and then got back to work.

I took a sanding block I have on hand and roughed up the paint a bit to give the piece a rustic look. I like this kind of look and since this frame is not super nice it helps to disguise the imperfections.

sanding block

rough frame

The frame already had staple-like-things on the back (to keep the mirror in place) so I simply tied the string around those staples to firmly keep the string taut.

string and frame

string on frame

I stood the frame up and checked it out. It looked good-but not GREAT. I decided to add some trim around the inside of the frame. Luckily I had some vintage lace trim in my sewing room and it was perfect.

I grabbed my glue gun, scissors, and the trim and got to adding.

glue gun


I simply glued the corners of the trim to the corners of the frame. Such an easy “fix”.

frame with trim

frame with lace trim

Next, I pulled out some clothes pins from my laundry jar (I never use them all on laundry anyway) and added them to the framed string. I do think mini-clothespin would be better here, but I had an abundance of regular sized clothespins-so that’s what got used :)

frame done

frame done 2

You can add anything to this frame: photos, recipe cards, notes and mail, a vintage handkerchief, anything!

Easy DIY stringed frame art display

I LOVE how easy this project was and it was totally FREE! Always a bonus.

Now-where to hang this in my home? Are any of you running out of wall space?


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