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I am finally getting some more photos of my home up for all to see.

I have been wanting to do a small house tour for a while now but to be honest-it’s a little intimidating. Letting everyone see your home (and judge) it is a little out of my comfort zone. So, I am going to start small.

Here is a sneak peek to get the ball rolling:


In my upstairs hallway I have a washstand that holds all my gift wrapping supplies-this is the cute display on top.

The awesome print was a Christmas present from a friend last year-isn’t it too cute?

The teapot I scored years ago at a vintage shop in Fort Wayne, IN. And the gold coin is from Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney, PA.

vanity tray

This is my tray on the dresser in our bedroom.

The gold tray was a gift from my brother, the rocks come from meaningful places (the creek and our trip to the Oregon Coast), the card was sent to me by a friend, and the Mary Kay purchased for a little pampering :) I also have a great photograph that my brother took of my bouquet at our wedding and some vintage handkerchiefs I hope to use someday. The Precious Moment is a little girl dressing up in her mother’s clothes and reminds me to stay young and have fun daily! Isn’t the bunny couple that holds my rings awesome?

cedar chest

Lastly, here is my FANTASTIC cedar chest made just for me by my dad! It sits at the foot of the bed and it is one my most favorite items. Made with Love items are the best!

There will be more house tour photos coming soon. I just got a large camera tripod and I plan to utilize it this weekend!

Happy Friday everyone!


2 thoughts on “A House Tour Sneak Peek

  1. Big Dawg says:

    Thanks for sharing! I have missed your regular posts! Keep posting. I am almost convinced to start my own blogging page!

    1. Amy says:

      You should try it, it can’t hurt and you might end up loving it!

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