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fabric stack

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Last night my sister and I went to the fabric store to pick out some fabric for her living room pillows and kitchen curtains. I LOVE the fabric store (like, dancing in the isles and hugging fabric boards, CRAZY LOVE).

I snapped a few (phone) photos of some of the beautiful fabrics:

fabric 5

This one is so fun and colorful-maybe for pillows or a modern quilt?

fabric 1

All of these are pretty, I could take them home just like this and have my own little fabric store to roll around in!

fabric 2

I absolutely LOVE this one. I NEED a project so I can justify buying some of this fabric.

fabric 3

fabric 4

So fun! Modern kitchen and pillow fabric that coordinates. The pears and apples are so fun!

Some of you might get discouraged if you don’t live in a big city with tons of fabric stores surrounding you-have no fear-all these fabrics are available at JoAnne Fabric.

My tips for going to the fabric store:

1. Walk down EVERY isle-you never know where your next favorite fabric might come from-the baby isle, quilting, home decor.

2. Pull out EVERY fabric you are drawn to and then narrow down the choices from there.

3. Have a plan. Take all your project measurements along and have a look in mind so you have some direction and focus (it will be so easy to get distracted).

4. Be flexible. I know I just said to have a plan and I do mean it, BUT you also need to be flexible. If you see a fabric you LOVE you might want to change your whole plan-allow for that, it’s part of the FUN.

5. Ask for help! Most employees at fabric store love to sew too-so ask them how much you need for your project, ask them what fabric will be a good choice, anything. They are there to help!

Next time you want to window shop-why not go to the fabric store and DREAM!



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