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Good morning all! Today I am going to share with you how I took a painted canvas (that I scored for free) and turned it into something unique for my home.

Here is the canvas:

DIY art

Beautifully painted and something I could NEVER do, but not my style.

So…I busted out my purple Sharpie paint pen and got to work.

DIY art (9)

Before I started writing I wrote out the saying I picked on a piece of paper-just in case I lost my mind while using the paint pen :)

DIY art (7)

Then I just went for it (since this canvas was free, I had no apprehensions).

This is what the canvas looks like now:

DIY art (4)

I don’t LOVE it, but I also don’t HATE it. I decided to hang it in my craft room for now and contemplate what to do.

I think I might like to use a gray paint pen and some thicker more uniform lettering. OR I might place letter stickers with the saying on the canvas directly, paint over the entire thing, and then peel off the letters to show the original painting underneath (if I can avoid the places with purple paint pen).

DIY art (1)

This is just another DIY project that might or might not work-I thought it was best to share it, since I did in fact try :)

Have you tried something recently that you were excited for only to discover it didn’t turn out like you wanted?



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