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pinterest tut

Today I am going to share a fun idea on how you can customize your Pinterest board cover graphics (or photos) for free using PicMonkey. Creating your own custom tabs will help to show your personality and add a little something different to help you stand out. These board cover graphics can also add a more professional look to your profile on Pinterest.

Here is a screen shot example of what I mean (or feel free to check out my boards via Pinterest):

screen shot-pinterest 1 edited

See the black arrows on the screen shot showing you my boards cover photos and that they were, in fact, designed by me!

screen shot-pinterest 3

screen shot-pinterest 2

screen shot-pinterest 4

OK-I am going to attempt to give you a step by step tutorial on this so bare with me:)

First off, if you haven’t discovered PicMonkey yet, go to their website and check it out. It is free photo editing software, it is so easy to use and there are a ton of free tutorials out there. I LOVE it!

When you open PicMonkey it will look like this:

picmonkey front page

You want to click on “Create a Collage”, it will bring up this screen:

picmonkey collage screen

See how the white box is separated into 3 different boxes via gray dashes? Do not worry about those, just leave the box as is.

Click on the paint board icon:

picmonkey paint board

Now you can add any color you would like for the background of the graphic:

picmonkey colors

AND you can use the color saturation bar underneath to adjust the darkness and lightness of the color you choose.

Now, you just want to save the collage. Click “save” and then name your photo and save it to the appropriate folder in your computer.

picmonkey save

OK, hit the little X in the right hand corner and you’re ready to really create. The fun begins…

picmonkey front page

OK, we are back at the beginning and this time we want to pick “edit a photo”.

Your computer will bring up your attachment window, just pick the collage you saved early.


Now you will see this:

example picmonkey

Notice all the options there to the left? Fonts and text, backgrounds, exposures, colors, cropping tool, overlays, all the embellishments you could want!

First you want to pick the resize tool, near the bottom of the page.

resizing picmonkey

Change the size to 400 X 400 for the image to be better fitted to Pinterest.

Next, mess around and look at all the different features of Picmonkey.

overlays picmonkey

Don’t worry-you won’t ruin anything. Everything can be undone before saving.

Alright, let’s get serious.

Let’s go to “overlays”, this is where you can add squares, circles, arrows, even something of your own design.

overlays picmonkey

Add whatever overlays you would like and notice the overlay board that came up to the right? That is where you can make all sorts of changes to your overlays-color, size, and more!

overlay tool micmonkey

Next, we are going to pick a font.

example picmonkey

The P to the left is the font button (as seen above)

Once you click the P you can then pick your font.


Once you pick your font, click on the “add text” box and one will show up on your image.

text typing

Now play around until you get the graphic exactly how you want it, then save like we did earlier.

example final

This is an example graphic I made for this post.

OK…now that you have your custom board graphic made we need to assign it to the corresponding Pinterest board.

Take a break here, grab some water and chocolate and gear back up.

Ready? Let’s dive back in:

First, go to your Pinterest account.

boards snip

We want to upload your custom made graphics to Pinterest-did you know you can upload files to your boards? AWESOME!

pinterest add

Once you click add, this comes up:

add boardClick “Upload a Pin” in the middle and this will come up:

upload a pinBrowse your computer folder and find your PicMonkey graphic and click “open”. The file will open in a new PIN window.

assign pinAdd your description and PIN IT.

Next you want to view your boards, so click your account name in the right hand corner and a drop down menu appears, select “boards”.

pinterest home page

OK, you have your boards up, now you want to edit those boards.


The edit screen will appear and look like this:

edit board cover

Click your graphic to select it as the cover board image. This window will appear (do not fret if the image isn’t correct, just arrow over until you’re on the image you want.

edit box

Take the time so reposition the image to your liking in the square and then hit “set cover”. The window will say “saved” at the bottom and the graphic will now appear as your cover image.

You are done! At least with one board :)

*Another tip: you can rearrange your boards at any time, I did mine in alphabetical order.

rearrange boards

I hope you have fun trying this out and if anything does not make sense-please email me or leave a comment and I will do my best to make things clear.

4 thoughts on “How to Make Custom Cover Graphics for Your Pinterest Boards using PicMonkey

  1. Maria says:

    Thank you! I’m new to pinterest and am still learning what I can do with it.

    1. Amy says:

      My pleasure :)

  2. Thank you so much or the tutorial!! I’m a 62 year old non-techie that has I’ve been teaching myself PicMonkey basics this winter. So far I’ve figured out how to edit my photographs, make a banner for my blog, and add words to my photographs. Next is to create a logo and add layers to my photographs. Your help will make this possible!!
    Thanks again!
    Small House / Big Sky Donna / White Oak Studio Designs / SW Michigan
    Hand-Painted Vintage Furniture Transformations
    Facebook: (for portfolio of chalk painted work)

    1. Amy says:

      SO glad I could help. Good Luck!

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