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Remember this post from a few days ago regarding my (super) idea to turn some Rubbermaid containers I have on hand into super practical storage ottomans?

idea bubble

Well, I am back and I am a little closer to deciding how to conqueror this furniture DIY project.

I stopped by Hancock Fabrics and LUCKILY they had all foam 40% off! Woot!

So I picked up 3 pieces of foam for $5.99 each (that is a steal!) I got 1 inch thick foam that is 22inches x 22 inches.  My Rubbermaid container lids measure 18×24 so I will cut the access 4 inches from the 18 inch side and make those slivers work on the 22 inches side. Make sense?

ottoman project 1 (2)

Next, I brought the Rubbermaid lids upstairs and worked on cutting the foam to fit.

ottoman project 1 (7)

I glued the foam down (I used Tacky Glue since I had that on hand).

ottoman project 1 (5)

So far so good!

ottoman project 1 (9)

Now, what to do about fabric?

ottoman project 1 (10)

Do I want all the ottoman’s to match? Do I want a colorful pattern? or something more neutral?

I am leaning towards neutral since I am unsure where these ottomans will live, especially once we move.

Another question for another day. This is all the energy I have for this evening-at least I had help:

ottoman project 1 (1)

Oh wait, she wasn’t any help :) I guess I’ll keep her anyway!


5 thoughts on “Rubbermaid Container turned Ottoman #1

  1. Vivian says:

    Any chance you finished? Would love to make these for my book nook classroom. Have an idea of how I’d like to do mine (using pillows that are covered to top mine and then will be making a skirt on the bottom that has an elasticized top that will cover the sides. Very curious if you have a better plan of action :>

    1. Amy says:

      Unfortunately Vivian, I did not complete this project. Husband and I moved to a smaller home and this project went by the way side-I think your plan sounds brillant!
      Thanks for looking and asking :)

  2. Rada says:

    Are you done with it? I want to see the end result.

    1. Amy says:

      Not done yet, still working on everything. I will chronicle it on here:)

  3. Grandma says:

    Looking good. Big job. You can do it!

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