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Husband and I are planning to move when our current lease is up and knowing that has motivated me to reorganize, downsize, and donate.

It hit me the other day that where ever we move might not have a basement. Husband and I both use our current basement and it would be a real adjustment to not have one-but I want to know if we could make it without a basement.

All this to say-I have an idea!

idea bubble

I have 3 Rubbermaid containers that are not in use right now and I want to turn those containers into ottomans so that I can have practical, large, easy to get to storage for tools, extra clothes, holiday decorations and more! AND I want to do this for SUPER cheap!

rubbermaid container

All I should need is:

1. foam for ottoman top (can be very expensive, I will need some coupons and sales)

2. batting for the hard edges of the ottoman (I have on hand-it’s actually fake snow that I bought in a bag at the thrift store-but I know it will do the trick)

3. glue for adhering the foam onto the container lid (I have all kinds of glue on hand so I should have something that will work)

4. Rubbermaid containers (on hand)

5. fabric for the ottoman top and sides

6. MAYBE some wood and casters to make the ottomans easier to move around or maybe something like these:

SelfAdhesiveWheels_lSelf-adhesive casters! Thanks Container Store!

I am so pumped. I am going to think on this some more and come up with a plan. I will keep you all updated!

Any words of advice while I am thinking on this?


4 thoughts on “Super Practical Rubbermaid Container turned Ottoman DIY

  1. jewelsforall says:

    Can’t wait to see how it looks! This would be a great idea for all my daughter’s toys.

  2. Grandma says:

    May be some day you can write an organization book. Do it for me if no one else. You should see our basement, and I am trying to organize the tubs of seasonal stuff, but it isn’t easy to do it sufficiently.

  3. Grandma says:

    Yeah, if you can design it so the lid will come off I say okay. After all it is a good container and you have to be able to use it for storage.

  4. Big Dawg says:

    Make sure you design it so the lid will come off! LOL! When you get done with all the hard work let me know how it goes because I love the idea. Not only do you have storage but cheap furniture that looks nice.

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