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Good afternoon and welcome back for the 4th edition of $7.00 Saturdays. In this series I am showing just how far $7.00 can go at a thrift shop. Here we go…


This great pair of maroon (or the “new” color invented by the media-oxblood) cut-out heels.

maroon heels blog

This awesome handmade orange cardigan.

orange cardigan blog

This fashionable vintage pink and navy blouse.

navy and pink blouse blog

Now the breakdown:

Heels $2.99

Cardigan $1.99

Vintage Blouse $1.99

total = $6.97

I have 3 cents to spare-not too shabby huh?


3 thoughts on “Seven Dollar Saturdays

  1. Grandma says:

    Where do you find these Thrift stores with such great prices. These are really to brag about. I like each of them.
    by the way Oxblood is an old color from when I was young.

    1. Amy says:

      I had no idea Oxblood used to be a color-thanks for sharing!

  2. Rachael D. says:

    shoes are AWESOME!

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