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Good afternoon!

In a previous post I talked about using free or found items to help you get organized.

under vanity storage

I am back and spouting the same old message.

You can get organized for FREE!

Check out some of my [updated] solutions below:

bathroom storage

In the bathroom a stained spice rack from Ikea holds Q-tips and cotton balls in $1.00 jars from Dollar Tree and a ball jar with Parmesan cheese lid for all-natural air freshener.

vanity cabinet (2)

All of the bathroom vanity storage was free with the exception of the white wire shelf. I scored the shelf at Dollar Tree for only $1.00. For the rest of the storage and organizing I used jars I already had on hand, decor boxes, tin cans, and shoe boxes.

vanity cabinet (3)

On a cabinet door on my bathroom vanity I took tin green beans cans, washed them, covered them in contact paper (also available at Dollar Tree) and mounted them to the door using 3M velcro-like mounting strips. The cans are very handy for nail clippers, hair ties, and more!

vanity cabinet (4)

The shoe boxes keep my makeup organized and my “girly products” organized. Both boxes slide under the white wire shelf which not only provides more room to store and organize but also hides what I might not want the world to see :)

vanity cabinet (5)

I have a great round box from about 6 years ago when I purchased a tea set online, this box holds loose hair products, a jar for my hair ties, and a jar for my hair clips-it can be turned easily for access to everything!

vanity cabinet (1)

Lastly in the bathroom: I store my makeup brushes in a jar-this works out so perfectly b/c I easily grab the jar, set it on the counter top and put it back in place when I am done. I also thinks this keeps everything cleaner since my brushes are stored upright and not laying in a messing box or bag. I also store my brush and combs in a jar and it works the same as the makeup jar.

Keep in mind that I am not super girly so I do not have a lot of makeup, brushes, or hair products-this storage is just right for me.

kitchen drawer

Moving on to the kitchen: In the drawer closest to the stove I store my oven mitts and hot pads, but I also store my small baking items (measuring spoons, spatulas, icing knife, pastry knife, etc). I store these small items in a shoe box lid-do not forget shoe boxes are handy-but so are those lids. This particular lid is pretty deep as far as lids go but not as deep as a box-so it fits perfectly in my shallow drawer!

kitchen cabinet

Under the sink in the kitchen has a little different look but the concept remains that same as last time. I have garbage on the right, recycling on the left, brushes, cleaners, dish drainers etc in the front green bucket, towels, dishrags, and clothes in the wire basket behind the green bucket. It isn’t pretty but it works really well.

electronic drawer (2)

The electronics drawer in the living room houses video games, cables, batteries, controllers, and other random stuff.

electronic drawer (3)

I use (again) shoe boxes to organize the random stuff, Husband’s “junk”, and controllers and cleaning pads.

electronic drawer (1)

These jars I had on hand and I use them to corral batteries and all the cables needed for our crazy amount of electronics (cameras, phones, ipods, tablets, and more).

That’s all for me-I hope this encourages you to organize, and minimize with OUT spending money! You can do it!

Also, Here is a beautiful FREE tip from IHeartOrganizing.

Jen is a great organizer and I applaud her attention to detail. Jen also makes beautiful storage and organization. I wish I did that in my own home-but for me-it’s out of sight, out of mind.


Have you found any “new” free storage ideas? Or tried something new you saw on Pinterest? Let me know in the comments below.


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