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Good afternoon and welcome back for the third edition of $7.00 Saturdays. In this series I am showing just how much $7.00 can go at a thrift shop. Let’s dive in.


I only bought one type of item this week with my $7.00-an assortment of belts:

seven dollar saturday belts (4)

seven dollar saturday belts

For some reason the thrift shop was overflowing with awesome belts this week-I bought everyone I liked!

$ breakdown:

7 belts = $1.00 each

7 x $1 = $7.00 exactly. Right on budget!

What do you think of my belts? I feel like I have 15 new outfits!


4 thoughts on “$7 Saturdays

  1. Grandma says:

    Great buy, I like belts too. I just bought one at TJMax, it wasn’t $1. But it was on clearance. I wear L. I wouldn’t mind running into a sale like you did.

    1. Amy says:

      Yea, I feel VERY lucky!

  2. Rachael D. says:

    I LOVE BELTS!!! Will you start a pintrest page of your awesome belt outfits? I need some belt outfit inspiration. :)

    1. Amy says:

      that’s a great idea!

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