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I went to an antique store up on the north-side of Cincinnati recently. I found tons of items that would like to buy-but not too many items that I NEEDED to buy-especially in the strictest sense.

I snapped some photos of some of the awesome items I had to let go.

laundry basket

laundry bin, close up

This vintage laundry sorter is so adorable I almost can’t stand it! The vinyl needed re-sewing and the colors aren’t really me but WOW-such a great project piece.

You could use it in the bathroom for laundry, towels, etc. or in the living room to hold blankets. What would you use the sorter for?

vintage plate display

This vintage dessert stand is perfectly worn and the scalloped edges are amazing! Planning on entertaining? You NEED this dessert stand.

warming serving cart

And lastly, this kitchen cart is unlike anything I have ever seen. Not only does this cart provide extra storage, but it is on casters, features a handle, there is a plug right on the cart and …wait for it…a warming top shelf!

That’s right-the top shelf of this cart can be plugged in, turned on, and warmed up-to keep bread warm, appetizers warm, anything! This is so perfect for entertaining-I can’t believe I didn’t buy this thing!

Have you let any vintage finds go recently? Do you regret it?


5 thoughts on “I want, but I do NOT need.

  1. Kate says:

    As far as I am concerned you never have to need it, as long as you want it enough you should definitely buy it!

    Found you via Tuesday Tango and now looking forward to following on Bloglovin.

    Kate x

    1. Amy says:

      Good point! a little dangerous, but I like it :)

      Thanks for checking me out-I liked you on Facebook and followed you on Bloglovin’ too

  2. Grandma says:

    I’m glad to see that you have solved your problem with buying too much. That’s a good plan! I personally would like the laundry sorter because of it’s height. I wouldn’t have to bend over! Maybe it would be nice to have next to a baby’s changing table !!

  3. the dessert stand is a must-have! A def need.

  4. Rada says:

    Ok.. the Kitchen Cart you must go back and get. It can be your Bar Cart (which is what I think it is anyway). It is so Mad Men. Get one of those Crystal whiskey/scotch bottles and glasses. Great.. Now I want one.

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