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“Suck it monkeys, I’m going corporate!” (Liz Lemon)

When I started thinking about writing this post, I immediately thought of 30Rock and the episode where Liz decided to go corporate, and then I thought of the episode where Jack of the future (brought on by a gas leak hallucination) quotes Liz and says “opposite”. Wow, the inner workings of my mind-sorry about that :)

liz lemon

Anyway…this is a post about NOT going corporate (in other words, “Suck it monkeys, I’m going corporate. Opposite!”)

Recently, Husband and I watched Beer Wars via Netflix and it really got me thinking. The world is run by big corporations but what can WE, as the SEEMINGLY little people do?

I think there are small steps we can take-or at least I can take, and isn’t it better to do something instead of nothing? (me talking myself into this :))

For starters Husband and I will no longer be drinking any beer, wine, lambic, cider, or anything else that is made by one of the BIG 3 (which have recently combined to BIG 2). Also, I try to buy from Etsy, local shops,  and thrift stores if at all possible.

I know ditching corporate might not be entirely doable and will take time to figure out and enforce-but I am seriously considering it.

When I need (more likely want) something I am trying to think out of the box (meaning not just Target) and see where else I can buy things: Etsy, Ebay, Amazon (from private sellers), thrift store, antique stores etc. I guess Husband and I will have to be much more intentional when grocery shopping too. Probably local grocers and Findlay Market (local farmer’s market)

Husband and I have not decided how far we are going to take this, but I think once life calms down from the crash and buying a new car-we will give it more thought.

corporate monkey

How do you avoid the corporate world? Any suggestions for Husband and I?


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