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Sorry for my recent silence on the blogosphere.

On Wednesday of last week I was involved in a police chase!

No, I was NOT the one running! A drug trafficker decided to run from the police and speed the wrong way on a one way street. The driver crashed into me and 2 other vehicles before he was stopped.


Luckily the police were able to capture the man and as far as I know no one was seriously injured. The small car behind me was beaten up pretty bad and both air bags deployed, the older lady in the front did have to be taken to the hospital but I was told she did not have life threatening injuries.

I feel confident that this bad situation played out the best it possible could. The criminal hit me-in my big ol’ car (that I got only about a month ago and I feel confident that if I had been driving my tiny Honda-I would still be in the hospital with injuries at the best) and that allowed his vehicle to slow a bit before hitting the other 2 small cars-I know this is speculation but I believe this might have saved their lives.


No police officers were hurt and the bad guy was taken-can’t ask for much more.

Here is a shot of my first ever ride in the back of a police car-it’s awful by the way.

back of a cop car

Here is my blurb on the news:

Sometimes we are personally touched by the hazards of living in the world-this was mine.

I am happy to be alive and only have minor bumps and bruises. I have a concussion and some pain on the left side of my body and my car is probably totaled-but that is replaceable.

Nothing worth anything was taken from me and I am truly grateful for that.

car after

Have a wonderful week everyone!


4 thoughts on “Police Chase!

  1. michaeliles says:

    We are so glad you are okay!! We are praying that you will feel back to 100% soon. Thankful that you are safe and sound..We love you!

    1. Amy says:

      Thank you, I’m trying to stay positive

  2. Big Dawg says:

    Well all I can say is that I am so happy that you are okay. Your blogs are something that I look forward to each week! Keep blogging!!

    1. Amy says:

      Thanks Big Dawg!

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