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I grew up in a house where every room had overhead lighting and that’s the way I still like my home: lots of light!

The home Husband and I are in now has overhead lighting in ever room except the living room-that HAD to change immediately.

I had a lighting cord from Ikea that I had purchased years ago:

hemma cord set

(similar one here)

But I needed to find a lamp shade to use, so-it was a good excuse to head out for Ikea.

I found the perfect one for only $9.99. The shade is especially perfect because the plastic holders on the inside can be inverted so that the bulb hangs below and the shade stays upright. Finally!

jara shade

(find it here)

So now, how to get this cord across the ceiling, down the wall, and into an accessible outlet?

I used these little plastic holders (only 3):

Plastic Holders

That’s all-Done!

Overhead Lamp

Overhead Lighting

How does it look?


2 thoughts on “DIY Overhead Lighting

  1. Grandma says:

    Very engenious! Someone might hire you if….only they knew! You would be climbing the ladder.

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