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I have fond memories of waking up late in the evening, smelling fresh popcorn, and creeping down the stairs to eat some with my father.

I love popcorn! Strike that; I love stovetop popcorn!

popcorn in bowl

There is nothing quite like popcorn made in a pan, on the stove with a little oil, salt, and butter.

Plus-popcorn has the added benefit of being one of the healthier snack foods out there.

Let’s do it!


popcorn ingredients

1 cup popping corn (Orville Redenbacher Original is the best in my opinion)

2 tbsp oil

2 tbsp butter or margarine

Salt to taste


Pour 2 tbsp oil into the pan and move pan around to coat the entire bottom of the pan

popcorn kernals

Put 3 corn kernels into the pan and add the lid

Turn the heat to medium-high on the stove (you want the heat really pretty high-I always go a little higher than my instincts tell me)

popped kernels

Wait for the 3 kernels to pop, and then add the full cup of kernels.

all kernels

Once the popcorn is done popping, turn the burner off and pour it into your popcorn bowl and add some salt*

popped popcorn

Add 2 tbsp of butter or margarine to the pan and use a wooden spoon or spatula to break it down and help it melt faster (even though the burner is off-the burner and pan are hot enough to melt the butter quickly)

popcorn in bowl

Pour melted butter or margarine over the popcorn

close up popcorn

Toss the popcorn and add more salt

*My pan has a glass lid that I can see through, so watching the corn pop is fun-and I always know when it is done. If your pan lid is not transparent don’t worry-you will hear the corn start to slow down-you will know it is coming to an end then. You can also raise the lid ever so slightly to see how high up the popcorn is reaching. The popcorn will be over the top of the pan and some rough kernels might pop even after the stove is off and you are pouring the popcorn into a bowl-SO be careful-those kernels are hot!

salted popcorn


I even like leftovers: I store any uneaten popcorn in a zip lock bag and snack on it for up to 2 days. Perfection!

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4 thoughts on “Delicious StoveTop Popcorn

  1. ericax235 says:

    Yummy! I haven’t had stove top pop corn in years!
    Thanks for linking up with Katherine’s corner this week!

    We Three Crabs

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