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I love browsing Etsy and clicking the “favorite” button when I see something awesome.

To get my Etsy fix this week I am going to share some of my favorite finds for your home. If you got an Etsy GIFT CARD for Christmas-check out these fun ideas and SPEND THAT GIFT CARD. You’re welcome :)

Pillows, household, decorative items, whatever! Here we go…

owl pillow

This twin owl pillow is one of the cutest things ever-right? I guess I might be partial since it features owls-but come on…so cute!

flower pillow

This pillow is stylish, cute, AND (most importantly) it looks comfortable. I have been wanting to DIY one of these pillows, but at this price ($28.95) I think it’s worth supporting someone else :)

wire baskets

For some reason I am a sucker for wire baskets, especially ones that look beat up, worn, and used. These baskets are awesome and at a close out steal for only $22.00 each! You can use these to hold blankets in the living room, hold towels or toilet paper in the bathroom, hold magazines in the bedroom, crafts in the craft room, or even in the pantry. I can keep going…can you tell I love these things?


I like this print-that’s all there is to it. I like the positive message and the chalkboard look-simple as that.

This would look great in the mudroom, guest bathroom, kitchen, or hallway-anywhere it will be seen!


Well, this mirror is now reserved for someone else-bummer! I LOVE this mirror and the simple but beautiful details. What room couldn’t you put this in?

telephone table

Umm, yea, this table exist and I WANT it!!!

This table is fabulous and would add instant glamour, function, and personality to any corner of your home! This is a true conversation piece and is only $34.00! I can hardly believe it myself.


This wire desk storage is so beautiful. It is functional and nice to look at-BONUS!

wall hanging

I LOVE this little vintage art. It is only $11.00 and it would make such a great addition to your home-in the entry way, hallway, kitchen, or living room! You pick!

What are some of your favorite Etsy items and shops?


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