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I recently stumbled across the blog Becoming Minimalist.

I found an interesting post on the blog regarding de-owning and not just de-cluttering. This is super fascinating to me as I am a master de-clutterer and I hate mess BUT I LOVE stuff.


I am the first to admit that I have PLENTY, in my home, in my life, in my closet.

I turn off the TV so I am not influenced to buy products I don’t need. I do not subscribe to magazines so I am not influenced into buying clothes, jewelry, and shoes I do not need. I ask myself before purchasing something-Do I need this? Where will it go? What will I use it for? Will I use it?

Sounds like I need a pat on the back…NOT!

Hold on…not yet! I do all these things and STILL I buy clothes, shoes, necklaces, home décor items, and MORE that I DO NOT NEED!

I try very hard to be aware of my finances and the decisions I make-but I am NOT PERFECT and I spend too much all the time!

Recently Forever21 had free shipping on any sized order and BELIEVE ME I took ADVANTAGE of that-with no NEED of course.

Husband and I have a goal to pay off our student loans as quickly as possible so I can move towards working from home and growing my blog and business. Every day that I buy something carelessly is another day I have to stay at my job and it’s another dollar that WAS NOT put towards our goal- I sometimes need a refresher on this point.

There is a great Bible verse: Luke 12:34 Where your money is, so is your heart.

WOW, convicting! I want my money to be where my heart is and my heart is NOT in clothes and shoes and useless household items.

I printed out those words and posted them on my car dashboard-now before I go to, say Target, hopefully I will think twice before spending money on essentially nothing.

It is a much higher priority for Husband and I to pay towards our loans than to buy “stuff” I just have to REMEMBER that on a DAILY basis.

Sooooo…..back to the de-own idea. The blog Becoming Minimalist really lays out some great points, here are a few (taken directly from their post):

  1. It doesn’t benefit anyone else. The possessions that we rarely use sit on shelves in our basements, attics, and garages… even while some of our closest friends desperately need them.
  2. It doesn’t turn back our desire for more. The simple act of organizing our things into boxes, plastic bins, or extra closets doesn’t turn back our desire to purchase more things.  The culture-driven inclination to find happiness in our possessions is rarely thwarted in any way through the process.
  3. It doesn’t force us to evaluate our lives. While rearranging our stuff may cause us to look at each of our possessions, it does not force us to evaluate them… especially if we are just putting them in boxes and closing the lids. On the other hand, removing possessions from our home forces questions of passion, values, and what’s truly most important to us.

Read the entire post here.

This is such a good lesson for me to re-learn, I plan on re-reading their post monthly to help keep myself on track!

Thanks Becoming Minimalist!

How do you stay on track regarding materialism and finances?


6 thoughts on “Shall we De-Own?

  1. Grandma says:

    The choice before us today is just what it always was –
    whether to live for the unloving self or to live for the love of God.
    – Joy Davidman Lewis

  2. Grandma says:

    Well, I was taken aback when I read your post because you are the one who talks about budgeting your money and now I see you are straying from it, it seems. I’ve really never had this problem in exactly the same way. One remark that my hubby said to me was that at least I use the things that I buy. So I must have really needed it.
    You seem to not be accountable to anyone. How about the budget at least. Do you always record right away the purchases you bring into the house. Be accountable to each other, you and your hubby.
    Make some goals for sure in your payments, shorten the time to pay them off or something. Think bigger for the future for what you really desire. Make it fun to have clothes that are relative to each other so you can find new and exciting ways to make them into new looks.
    Look at it as wastefulness if you buy something you really don’t need.

    1. Amy says:

      I know everything you’re saying is correct-it is good to keep it fresh in my mind :)

  3. Rachael D. says:

    I loved this post so much! I went to the blog and then spent the next 30 min there reading articles! Definitely bookmarking that one! THANKS!

    1. Amy says:

      I know right? Genius

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