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I made these adorable ice skate ornaments as gifts last year and I am finally getting around to a tutorial :) Unfortunately that means there are no photos of the DIY process. My bad.

ice skate



Embroidery floss or yarn

Large Paperclip

Cottonballs, batting, or tissues


Ice skate template (link)

fabric glue


  1. Cut out your ice skate template BUT leave the bottom of the template intact ice skate directions
  2. Stitching the two pieces of felt together (I did this by hand with several layers of embroidery floss since I wanted super large stitches (I did not stitch the bottom that was intact)
  3. Leave a small opening for stuffing (I used cotton balls and tissues until it “looked right”)
  4. use fabric glue to glue on your choice of ribbon to the top
  5. once glue is dried, stitch over the ribbon on the skate
  6. create a loop with the embroidery floss to be used at the tree hanger (i simply pulled the floss through until it was the length I wanted and then tied it off)
  7. insert the paperclips in each skate and
  8. DONE!

ice skate

Super cute right!

Are you making any homemade ornaments this year?


2 thoughts on “DIY iceskate ornament

  1. This is a cute idea!!
    I wan tto personally invite you to the Pinterest Tuesday Link up that I host over at Http:/ Come and link these up. :)

    1. Amy says:

      I will, thanks for the invite.

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