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The Little Red Owl

Good morning all,

Does everyone feel as rested as I do since the time change? I love the fall back!

Today I am going to share with you how my father, Husband, and I made this new leaf for my table.

The Little Red Owl

My dining room table is an awesome antique table that was left in the upstairs of my parents garage when they bought their house 32 years ago. There is no telling how old this thing really is since my parents house is 112 years old! The table still has the original paint, screws, everything.

The table is a very chippy gorgeous white with hand stenciled black and red details on the corners and edges of the table. I varnish the table about once a year to keep the chipped paint and essence of the table enacted.

I forgot to take a before photo of the tiny table, so here is a photo of the table pulled apart to make room for the new leaf (that’s my AWESOME dad taking some screws out in the background).

The Little Red Owl

My dad had taken measurements for the new leaf probably 2 years ago-luckily he is awesome and still had those on hand. He had already located some antique wood (found in the basement of his garage) that was the perfect size! He added some end pieces to the wood and cut the ends to match my table-it is perfect!

So… you’re thinking the hard part is done-think again!

My dad and I go to pull the table apart (which we have done before) so we can add the leaf and the table will NOT budge. Not at all.

Ended up we had to take the entire table apart, lube it with some Vaseline (wax would be best but I didn’t have any on hand), and put it back together.

It took about 2 hours-but we got it done.

The Little Red Owl

Unfortunately my dad had to leave before we got the holes and pegs in the leaf, so Husband helped drill the corresponding holes and I used the miter box to cut a dowel rod into the proper lengths.

The Little Red Owl

The Little Red Owl

The Little Red Owl

and done!

here is the final product, in all it’s unrefined glory:

The Little Red Owl
I do plan on doing something with the leaf but I am not sure if I’m going to paint it all one color or paint it and “antique” it. So, I am leaving the leaf as is now and I’m going to wait and see what my mind decides :)
I feel as though my table has doubled! I am so excited to have a dinner party-wanna’ come?


4 thoughts on “Don’t Call Me Honey, Honey

  1. Grandma says:

    We’ll be over Friday night, please don’t go to too much trouble, we don’t eat much. Just kidding. It’s another miracle if you ask me.

    1. Amy says:

      HaHa, we would LOVE to have you guys over sometime! I have my dad to thank for this project-could NOT have done it without him.

  2. Van says:

    That was sweet of everyone to chip in and help you with the new bar leaf. It looks great!

    1. Amy says:

      It really is great, I am lucky to have such a wonderful family surrounding me :)

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