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Recently I have been taking stock in what I own and feeling a little overwhelmed.

I know Husband and I will not live in the house we are renting now forever and the thought of moving again with the massive amount of stuff we have acquired seems daunting.

So…I have decided to (try) and get rid of one thing I own everyday for the entire month of October.

I know we are already into October quite a bit so on my first day-I did get rid of over 20 items. Now, getting rid of can mean: donating, giving away, selling, etc.

It was easier to find items to part with once I got myself in that mindset.

I am getting rid of a game, tote bags, books, clothes, purses, and kitchen organizers.

What do you have bin your home that you could part with? are you comfortable in your space or should you downsize?

I am really thinking on these questions lately-I could use some feedback :)


4 thoughts on “living a less cluttered life

  1. a good idea is to donate things you don’t use, like clothes, :)

    1. Amy says:

      I am trying to make myself get rid of clothes too. my rule: if i didn’t wear it this past season-get rid of it!

      thanks for your comment :)

  2. Grandma says:

    I thought my house was uncluttered but then I looked into some of the dresser drawers and desk drawers!! So full I could hardly open them. It’s really all hiding in drawers. And so hard to let go of. I just can’t understand it because I’m always packing bags of stuff to give away. I hate to think of it if I never did get rid of things. It ‘s always on my mind when I clean the house. Go for it Amy. I’m even sorry I gave you all that stuff, now you have to get rid of it. Ha


    1. Amy says:

      I am so appreciative of what you have given me. It means something and serves a purpose!

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