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If you do not have a cast iron pan yet, get one now!  I’ll wait…..

No seriously, I love my cast iron pan. My brother and mother have both raved about the delicious food they produce. With their recommendation, I picked one up for myself a couple of years ago. If you can find a used cast iron pan rather than a newly produced one, that would be best, but new will work too (mine is new, from Target).

Cast iron pans have many benefits: the seasoning only gets better with time, super easy clean up, can be used on the stove and in the oven, very economical and low cost, adds iron to your meal, last for many years, even generations, use less energy to cook food because of the even heat distribution, and last but not least, the taste! Do some research and I know you will be a convert!

A few of my favorite things to make in the cast iron skillet:

  1. Fresh green beans
  2. Fried potatoes
  3. Smoked sausage
  4. pork chops
  5. squash with onions and garlic

I would include recipes but honestly Husband and I usually add onion, peppers, garlic, seasoning to our liking and go from there. You do not need much else when you use the cast iron!

What do you like to make in your cast iron pan? I haven’t tried fried chicken, but I hear it is life changing.


3 thoughts on “cast iron!

  1. Rachael D says:

    This is so awesome. Andrew and I have decided just recently we are going to switch to cast iron. So I have some questions for you:
    1) What brand do you recommend? What do you think of Lodge brand?
    2) If you were only going to buy 1 cast iron pan – what size would you get?
    3) Is it better to get new or used? Someone I know is wierded out of eating off of old “cured” cast iron – because of this, I am curious of your answer :)

    1. Amy says:

      1. Honestly, any brand is fine. I got mine from Target and I am sure it’s a “cheaper” brand-but its still awesome. really if you can find an old, used one-that’s the best bet
      2. If I was only going to buy 1 cast iron pan-I would get a 15 inch pan, that way (for 2 people) you can fit your main dish and sides in the same pan if you want to cook everything using cast iron (which I do and everything tastes awesome!)
      3. Like I said above-finding a used cast iron pan is your best bet, even if it looks really rusty and in bad shape-it can be saved. You can cure the pan and oil it to make it your own. You would “cook” the pan on high heat for a couple hours to remove any unwanted rust, bacteria, etc.

      I hope you guys find out that works-I LOVE mine

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