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It has been about a year since I stopped using my electric dryer. It was part choice and part dryer not working good enough. I LOVE not using my dryer. Doing laundry is more relaxing now and it no longer costs an arm and a leg-I have saved myself about $20 a month by not using my dryer!

My clothes are in better shape and hold their color longer and my towels are awesomely scratchy (more on that below).

Line drying does take some practice so here are a few tips if you would like to try line drying your laundry:

  1. use 1 clothespin for 2 items if possible
  1. hang things upside down (especially pants)
  1. give everything a stiff flick of the wrist when it comes out of the washer (helps get out wrinkles)
  1. stiff towels are your friend: I am a convert. When I first started line drying my laundry I was left with stiff, scratchy towels (even with vinegar-a natural fabric softener). I started to read up on forums and blog about other people having the same issue. Most people came to one conclusion: scratchy towels are awesome and you should give them a try. So I did and …love a scratchy towel now! Not only do they absorb more water this way, they also feel great against the skin-like a built in exfoliate/massage
  2. you can use any string or line but this one this awesome, extendable, and retractable
  3. hang heavier items on the outside and lighter items o the inside (middle) this will keep sagging to a minimum

Got any tips to make line drying easier and faster? Share them in the comments.


4 thoughts on “who needs the electric slide?

  1. Grandma says:

    I also want to say that when I use the lower setting my clothes have a much better feel. If you read the tag they put on clothes, it usually says to dry on low!! And I do remember reading that you shouldn’t dry towels until they are all the way dry. Probably for your reason.

  2. Grandma says:

    I was reading the book your mom lent me that Laura Ingalls wrote. She says that drying clothers outside is beneficial to your health to put on clothes that have been dryed outside. I’ve been looking through the pages and I can’t find the page, I guess it dissappeared.
    Anyway, there was a time when I didn’t have a dryer. You always had to wonder how the weather would be and if you were going to be able to dry your laundry that “Monday”. But there is a way to hang lots clothes inside in the basement. You have two lines side by side and hang the clothes from one line over to the other line, you can get so many hung this way. I have begun to dry my clothes set on a lower setting . It’s surprising how they do get dry and they feel so much nicer. Even on low they get dry, and it doesn’t take a long time either. I think I will stick with this way, if a heavier item isn’t dry, I’ll just hang it up to finish drying.

  3. We’re lucky in SoCal, I can dry clothes outside almost all year long, and it’s a great way to sanitize them, too, the sun does a great job! I don’t know why, but I’m the only one in my neighborhood that hangs out laundry. Glad you do, too!

    1. Amy says:

      and bonus: the sun and outdoors leave a great scent on the laundry!

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