The Little Red Owl

DIY ideas for home, health, & life

After some hard work and plenty of encouragement I have opened my shop: The Little Red Owl


Check it out if you like!

There is a link to my shop on the left sidebar so if you would like to checkout the shop at another time-feel free to click that link anytime.

I am so excited! Thanks for your support every one!


10 thoughts on “My shop!

  1. Terri Iles says:

    Congratulations!! I knew you could do it. Your shop looks so you.

    1. Amy says:

      Thank you! that’s a great compliment.

      1. Debra says:

        It looks amazing! So proud : )

  2. CopperLeaf Treasures says:

    You go girl! Congrats.

      1. Well deserved! Have a great week!

  3. jewelsforall says:

    Congratulations! I’m going to check it out right now…love that owl btw :-)

    1. Amy says:

      Thx! I totally have a crush on Mr Owl:-)

  4. Congrats! Mine is taking some time, those individual pics are time consuming!

    1. Amy says:

      No joke, they do seem to take longer than I plan everytime

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