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Recently my sister made my homemade daily shower cleaner spray. This recipe calls for castiles soap like Dr. Bronner’s and my sister had never bought this before. Now she is left with a huge bottle of castile soap and needs some ideas on how to use it.

Peppermint Liquid Soap - 16 oz.

One example of how to use castile soap is my homemade shaving soap, see the tutorial here.

I also use castile soap in my homemade body wash (tutorial to come soon).

Here is a list of some other common uses:

1. dilute 1part soap to 40 parts water for light cleaning

2. dilute 1 part soap to 1 part water for heavy duty cleaning and grease fighting action

3. add 1 drop soap to a bowl (or sink) full of water to clean veggies and/or fruit

4. mix equal parts soap with borax or baking soda to clean bathroom and kitchen fixtures

5. add a drop to your tooth brush instead of toothpaste

6. 1/4 cup of the tea tree soap in 1 quart water for an anti-Ant spray (not to be used on plants)

7. can dilute for shampoo (although I do not like to do this-I do not like the way my hair feels after using castile soap shampoo)

I have heard that this book has many uses in it for Dr. Bronner’s soap although I have not checked it out myself yet.

Clean House Clean Planet

Anybody know any more uses for this castile soap?


2 thoughts on “Dr. Bronner’s

  1. osovictoria says:

    I love Dr. Brommer’s it is the only soap I use for body wash, almond scent, I squeeze it on my net scrubby thing and it lathers up beautiful and it doesn’t leave a soapy feel.

    1. Amy says:

      I haven’t used the almond before, ill add it to my list of things to try. Thx

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