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I love getting thoughtful gifts from those I love and who know me best. For Christmas this year I did not have to give anyone a list and the same went for my recent birthday-love it!

I cleaned up this birthday. Check it out:

  1. Vintage hand stitched tablecloth (was my great grandmother’s)
  2. Vintage fondue pot (was the grandmother’s)
  3. Vintage serving tray and ice bucket
  4. Beautiful owl  candle holder
  5. Adorable owl tea light
  6. Cutest measuring cups ever!
  7. Ticket to Ride:-Husband and my new favorite game (this game is by no means new but it is new to us J)
  8. Tea cup orchid-I’m working on my green thumb. Beware.
  9. Salon shampoo and conditioner-no ‘poo didn’t work for me and this stuff smells awesome!
  10. nesting doll drinking glasses-love these
  11. not pictured-target gift card
  12. not pictured-out of town friends in for a surprise visit

I loved all these gifts and I was surprised by each and every one-BONUS!

Do you love giving thoughtful, personal gifts to those you love? Do you ponder and worry or go with your gut?


2 thoughts on “birthday booty (think pirate)

  1. Jenn says:

    we’ll have my parents watch the kids and we’ll stop by for fondue!

    1. Amy says:

      Sounds like a plan!

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