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Good evening! I have been cooking and baking all week since husband and I recently purchased a chest freezer. I have been having so much fun! But more on that later. For now: a look inside my kitchen.

While my kitchen is not small, it has an awkward layout and as a result I am left with little counter space. I could not give this counter space up for a microwave and toaster oven-no way!

Luckily I had this cheap kitchen cart from years ago. It is perfect for this nook in my kitchen and houses my microwave, toaster oven, cookbooks, and Ipod speakers.

I know you are thinking I am crazy to put my toaster oven on the second shelf-fear not!

The second shelf pulls out!

Whenever we use the toaster over, we simply pull out the shelf, use the over, and then push the shelf back in once the oven is cooled-perfect!

I was so proud of myself when I thought of this solution-please don’t knock me down :)

That’s my kitchen nook with microwave and toaster oven. What do you think? Do you have an clever kitchen storage solutions? Please share.


2 thoughts on “multifunctional kitchen cart

  1. Judy Kurban says:

    Can you let me know where you got this, and is it heatproof, and can you use toaster oven and microwave at the same time? Can you get right back to me at my email address,

  2. Grandma says:

    I certainly will not knock you down. I love it and I really do.How nice is that, the middle shelf actually coming forward. It’s a real find. The small shelf unit I bought at Franks a long time ago is what I have and I put in my kitchen to see if I would like to have shelves on the wall. My cook books are on the bottom shelf just like yours. My toaster is on the top shelf and the middle shelf is a catch all.

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