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I found this old record stand at an antique shop in Northern KY.

It was black when I bought it so I  spray painted it white for a fresh look.

I added the white tray from Ikea to the top so that I would have a flat surface for my end table.

Instead of records (we have far too many) in the slots underneath I added books.

I love this unique side table and the storage it provides.

What furniture have you re-purposed?


3 thoughts on “unexpected end table

  1. Grandma says:

    Hi Amy, you certainly have a good eye for converting pieces into your needs. I like your end-table. I always say, God really does meet our needs. I bought a couple of wood tables years ago at estate sales and they are so nice especially when your space is limited. I am happy to have them. One of the tables has a rounded shape on the top and so I got the idea one year at Spring time to fold a round tablecl

    1. Grandma says:

      cloth and put it on that table. Up against a wall it turned out good and certainly didn’t take up the space a round table would take. Also this has been way back when I used to get library books on decorating, I found a good way to arrange the middle bedroom furniture. Put the trundle bed up against the wall and at the head of the bed put the filing cabinet table to be used as a night stand. Of course it had storage with the two drawers and a place to put a lamp and also a clock. Plus you couldn’t really see the table with the bed blocking it. That’s what you have to do with what you have and also how to make good use out of what you have. Thanks for your idea.

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