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I recently noticed my shower enclosure was a bit gritty between cleanings. My mother always uses shower cleaner but until my recent move I felt like I did not need a daily cleaner.

Now that I am living in a new home  I do need something to apply daily.

I know that vinegar has been beneficial uses and I have found yet another. See below for the recipe.

homemade daily shower cleaner:

1 part distilled white vinegar

3 part distilled water

1 squeeze of castile soap (like Dr. Bronner’s)

combine in a spray bottle (new or recycled)

shake before use

done and done!

once again, I do plan on removing the old label and adding something cute-but this is low on the priority list.

This daily shower cleaning spray is super easy and effective and the vinegar has no odor once it is dry.

Try this out and let me know what you think!


6 thoughts on “homemade daily shower cleaner

  1. Love to find new cleaning tips!

    1. Amy says:

      Me too. and this one is so simple and effective-I keep using it over and over again!

  2. Debra says:

    I will be trying this! Who knew vinager could to so many cool things!

    1. Grandma says:

      Thanks Amy, I will try this. Did you put in the Spam spray bottle?

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